There are some important things you need to know when you buy a camcorder. You might just be a bit confused by the information supplied with each choice. We can start with sorting out the features. You'll find some easy to understand, while others seem complicated. I will try to put them in some sort of easily understood order.

Guide to selecting your Camcorder

1. Video Resolution.

Some camcorders record in standard definition (SD) and other in high definition (HD). HD will cost more, but will give you a higher quality video. If you can afford the extra, go HD every time.

2.Image Sensor.

This transforms the light coming through the lens into a “digital” signal. This is what is actually recorded and CMOS and CCD are the two most common types of sensors. This is one time where “bigger is better.”

3. Zoom Lens.

used to make things far away seem closer by magnifying them. Not all zoom lenses are the same, look at the OPTICAL ZOOM rating – the higher the zoom number the better.

4.Image Stabilization.

To make you image stable. Go for the OPTICAL over the DIGITAL

5.Video Format

refers to the type of file your camcorder will create. The file format affects the quality of the video, and how easy it is to work with on your computer.

6.Media Format.

This is the type of media that stores your video. It might be an internal hard drive, a flash drive or a memory card.

7.Face Detection.

Is the ability to focus on faces you find in front of your camcorder. It is becoming very popular and with some camcorders you can find that feature gives you the ability to snap still photographs whenever a person smiles.

8. Bit Rate

is the amount of data you can record per second.

9.Frame Rate

is a series of still photographs taken one after another. The capture speed your camcorders runs during recording is called the frame rate. - Faster frame rates are handy for recording sports events.

10.Exposure Control

lets you adjust how light, or dark, your video appears.

If you intend to record people talking, then you will probably want an add-on directional microphone. Also if you are shooting in a noisy area, it is a good idea to use headphones so you can tell just what the microphone is actually picking up, so a headphone jack on your camcorder is preferable.

This will give you a much clearer recording than the built in omni-directional microphone.

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