A great part of owning your own mobile phone is, it has a camera!

Modern phone cameras include some excellent cameras and the apps that are available are numerous Another great thing about phone cameras is that you can upload direct to your favourite social site.

Use it to shoot "SELFIE" and change your social pic as often as you like..

there are detachable lenses available so you can get the absolute best shots just using your phone, I use mine everyday to take at least one pic with it.

Did I mention you can also use your phone to call your friends, surf the net, play games and send and receive texts.Yes, all that and a camera too!

There’s a lot of photographers out there who will scoff at a photograph if they know it was taken with a phone camera. These people will advise you to get yourself “ a real camera”


How to get the best out of your smartphone camera.

1.Keep your lens clean and your battery charged.

I know, that is a bit obvious, but when you left home taking pics probably wasn't high in your plans, or perhaps it was. Phones get dirty from being carried around in our pockets and they get fingerprints all over them. Make it a habit to clean your lens with a lens cloth or a soft fabric.


is an important tool, natural light from the sun is the best option. If you’re inside, open the curtains to let in as much light as possible. If you have a lamp or an overhead light,see what direction the light is pointing in. perhaps you can point another light from the other side to balance it?

3.Plan your shot

it's not just the camera, it is you who is taking the photo, it’s important to visualise what you want your photo to look like before you press the button. You want the best composition so take time to consider what’s in the frame when you look through the screen in your camera, check there are no distractions that will cause a viewer to look at something else, rather than the main focus of your shot


Take your Photograph using the highest resolution available,and avoid using the zoom . Also don't mess around with frames and special effects like sepia etc. If you want to use these wait until you are editing, and wait a couple of seconds after you shoot to make sure there was no movement.

5.The best camera

is the one you have with you, so get out there and take lots of pictures. It isn’t just about having a “real camera” a camera is after all a tool, good photography comes from knowing how to use that tool .

You don't always have you DSLR or you point-and-shoot camera with you when a photo opportunity presents itself, but a dollar to a donut your mobile phone is in your pocket!

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